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Let's get you started on your poetic journey

Fill Out The Boxes To Make Your First Poem

....Add some Poetic Magic....
And... Ta-da! Your First Poem. 

Poet's Publication Precipitance 

It was the night before the poet's test,

Before such dreams         checked and prepped the   


 couldn't wait for day to break.

With eyes now shut, 

 dreamt not what's at stake.

Come morning's teeth,         first stepped on a  

And brushed bed hair with bristles chew'd by    

Before         's out the door, the day is done for sure.

With mind's defeat, worn feet thus peddled pure 

This head hung low thus entered 

Where poets watched the arts and                   show 

As trophies flashed, our hero waxed a 

Came time ​for speech as horns beseeched the 

And as the voice crescendoed, a               crowd 

applauded - poet's dreams come true,         bowed.

What Next?

Eager for more poetry? We thought so. Keep an eye out for our monthly poetry competitions and don't be afraid to check out our podcast, blog, personal publications, and submit some of your own compositions to the Public's Poetic Publications page. So pick up those pens and let's get writing!

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