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Holiday Haiku Hullabaloo Contest | Poetry Contest

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Poetry helps us share stories and connect. With such an unorthodox year, let's celebrate the holidays with a new gift giving tradition, shall we?

In keeping with the holiday festivities, I invite all my fellow poets to write a haiku about the holidays (whether it be what the holidays mean to you, the physical sensations of the holidays, etc.) and gift it to the Why it Meters community! On the 25th of December, feel free to exchange your haiku presents by replying to this blog post. I'll be sure to gift a haiku of my own to perhaps cheer up this year's somewhat abnormal, COVID-19-tampered festivities. Though this year's holidays may be more restricted than most, any poet will tell you it is that very restriction that spurs creativity. Stay writing, get creative, and enjoy the holidays!

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Why it Meters
Why it Meters
Dec 25, 2020

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