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Verse-By-Verse | Poetry gone Singing | How to Write Your First Poem/Song Mini-Series

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Have you ever wanted to write a poem or song but never knew how or where to start? Well, that's where we come in; available both through the typical podcast outlet as well as the new Youtube series, you can see the madness of my poetic process unfold right before your eyes, WhyItMeters walks you through each step as we create a poem/song together!

Underscoring the importance of "Creating your Theme" and unveiling the "Structure of Song," check out the first two episodes of this three-part series by clicking the links below!

New Youtube Series!

Typical Podcast Series!

Having a hard time coming up with lyrics? Stay tuned for the final episode where we collectively channel our preliminary work into crafting our final song - Verse-By-Verse you'll peer behind the creative curtain, hopefully picking up all the tips and tricks that I've acquired throughout my experience composing verse.

As always, feel free to publish your own works on the Public's Poetic Publications page or reach out to me directly on any of our social media outlets for all questions verse. Always happy to help a fellow aspiring poet!

Also, don't forget about the Spring Cleaning Sonnet Gleaning contest. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with for this month's event.

Let's get writing!

Why It Meters

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