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Verse-By-Verse | Finding a New Way Home | How to Write Your First Poem/Song Mini-Series

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

At long last! The product of our effort and creativity spanning three episodes has come to fruition. Listen to the musical culmination of this three-part series and hear what it's like finding home on a road far away.

Curious for how such a song was created? Check out this final episode of the three-part series where Why It Meters walks you through step-by-step as we collectively craft a verse of our own. From seafaring motifs to understanding the basics of form-dependent lyrical writing, as we barrel throughout the lines, you’ll get a direct view into the madness requisite of the creative process (or at least for my sake I'd like to think it requisite). After viewing this video, make sure to check out the catchy song again, where we can revel in our work by tapping our “feat” to Why It Meters!

As always, feel free to contact me through any of our social media accounts, or simply comment to this post and I'll be sure to write back! Let's get Writing/Singing on this winding bardic peregrination towards home on the road.

- Lucas (Why It Meters)

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Thank you for sharing your love of poetry in this way. Love the song!

Me gusta
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