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Spring Cleaning Sonnet Gleaning - Poetry Contest | Sonnet

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

For this month's poetry competition, I invite all fellow poets to clean out those attics and transfer those dust-collecting artifacts onto the page!

Specifically, write a sonnet talking about the joys, regrets, and drudgeries that correspond with cleaning out old clutter and making room for new memories. There are no restrictions on what kind of sonnet you can choose - feel free to get creative! Submissions will be due March 31st.

Happy writing and happy cleaning!

-Why It Meters

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Why it Meters
Why it Meters
02 avr. 2021

My poetry submission for the Spring Cleaning, Sonnet Gleaning contest, "Myrtle." This sonnet is of the Petrarchan variety; notwithstanding the ripe anthropomorphism, personification, and marital frivolities, the Petrarchan sonnet is one of my favorites due to the Petrarchan turn or, more specifically, the "Volta." Indeed, the sonnet starts with an octave (portion of the poem consisting of two groups of four lines) of an ABBA rhyme scheme and ends with a sestet (portion of the poem consisting of two groups of three lines) of a "CDE" rhyme scheme.

Indeed, the first half of the poem proposes a question, a conundrum, or conflict, and the second half, following the volta in tone and perspective, serves as the answer to this octave's…

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